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Celestial Dragon Kara Ref by KaraTails Celestial Dragon Kara Ref by KaraTails
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This took forever. There were so many ideas on how to portray things, but I couldnt make the image any larger

Please dont steal my species.
Figure on left of the Kara's True form (the Celestial dragon) is Kara's regular form.
When I say regular or human form, I am talking about the human-ish form. (like Sesshomaru's regular form) when I say True or full demon form, I am talking about the dragon shaped form (like Sessh's huge dog form)
Aditional notes:
Celestials are peaceful by nature, but will attack if provoked enough. Rage doesnt last long; usually only until the threat is gone. The best way to provoke a Celestial is to attack thier loved ones. However, if you do so, expect little to no mercy.
As natural healers, Celestials will prefer not to kill thier opponent. They only kill if there is no other option.
Celestials come in a range of colors. As a rule, the colors are all pale. The fur and forehead mark are always orange (except in orange or red colored celestials. They are blue for those)
Wing membrane is a darker color of the main body. Whiskers are always blue.
Celestials also come in an Oriental form. The only difference is the shape of the dragon.
As stated in the picture, attacks are usually composed of stored star-power. two main types of attacks.
The top one in the diagram is Star Barrage; a close combat type of attack. Star power is taken from the fur and "thrown" at the opponent in what looks like a thousand shooting stars or sacred arrows. Because each attack is made up of hundreds to thousands of smaller attacks, the overall attack is more spread out and not as concentrated.
The bottom attack in the diagram, Comet blast, is simply like a fireball
In human form, a smaller version of Star Barrage is the main attack, wit the star power gathered in the palms of the demon's hands then "thrown" at the opponent. Comet Blast is directed through a sword or other weapon.
Elemental powers
Celestials have one other element, and this is used for other attacks. They can only use the secondary element when in Full demon form however. When in human form, their access to the secondary element is limited.Kara's secondary element is air, which alows her and others to breath underwater and in high altitudes, create slashing winds, and other things.
other info
The full demon form is slightly taller than twice the human form, and is capable of speech.
A celestial will let you ride them, but only if they trust you or you are a close friend or family member.
Celestials love to fly. They will tumble through the sky, preform aerial stunts and have games of "keep away", "tag" and "rollercoaster" in the air. As such, they are super fast when in the air. A common myth is that they can fly among the stars. This is not true, but they will not tell you so, as it is a thing they fantasize about. In truth, they can fly to the upper atmosphere, but cant get into space itself. A viewer from down below would only see the glimmer of starpower that flies through the stars overhead, giving the idea that they had become indeed reached the stars.
Celestials will eat both meat and plants.
A celestial can transfer some starpower to an inanimate object to make it glow. the glow lasts for half a year, then fades out in the course of a week.
For some reason, Celestials are not affected by Barriers that monks or mikos put up. Some have theorized that it is because Celestials are so close to having spiritual powers that the barrier does not recognize them as a demon.

More info on Celestials [link]
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